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Recent Projects

  • Dormancy Process at Customer Level

    Signature enhancement to determine dormancy for a customer rather than individual accounts

  • Signature G/L Only Bank Creation

    Signature environment created for G/L Only bank processing

  • Automate Participation Payments and Advances Between Member Banks

    Signature enhancement

  • Automate Charge-off and Recovery Memos

    Signature enhancement

  • Auto-enrollment of External Accounts into Internet Banking

    Signature enhancement

  • Place Hold on Mobile- and eDeposit Deposits

    Signature enhancement

  • Pay Limit Opt-in Automation

    Signature enhancement

  • Mask Loan Credit Information for Specified Groups of Users

    Signature enhancement

  • Segregate Bank and Finance Company Functions

    Signature enhancement

  • Bank Acquisitition

    Signature convert and merge

  • Automated charge-off enhancement for Signature

    Signature enhancement

  • Footprints to Signature real-time interface

    FootPrints interface to Signature to perform real-time VIP Code changes, Stop Payments & Account Transfers

  • NSF caused by POS holds enhancement

    Signature enhancement

  • Branch Acquisition

    Signature convert and merge

  • Mobile Alerts

    Real-time End of Day and EFT status change alerts to mobile phone for Signature

  • Debit Card Encryption

    Core to Postilion enhancement

  • Database Orphans Removal

    Signature enhancement

  • Certificate of Deposit Penalty Plan Enhancement

    Signature enhancement

  • Bank Merger

    Signature database merge

  • Customer Rewards Programs

    Signature enhancement

  • Branch Acquisition

    Convert and merge branches into Signature

  • Database Comparison Utility

    Create utility to compare iSeries- and SQL databases automatically

  • Minimum Related Balances Enhancement

    Signature enhancement

  • eServices Automated Billing

    Calculate eServices charges and bill into Signature

  • Bank Branch Acquisition/Merger

    Convert and merge branches into Signature

  • Mobile Deposit Real-time Interface

    Real-time memo post interface to Signature

  • Selective Common File Maintenance Reports

    Signature enhancement to enable selected fields for Common File maintenance reports

  • Postilion to Core Automated Reconciliation

    Automated Reconciliation between IBS and Postilion

  • ICBS In-House Enhancements Analysis and Documentation

    Internally developed enhancements and documentation for international bank

  • Postilion Stand-in Interface

    Interface between IBS and Postilion

  • BTRANS Credit Card Interface

    Realtime Windows interface between IBS and BTRANS

  • XML Web Service

    Added XML messages required by bank for Internet Banking

  • Internet Banking Conversion

    S1 to Intuit data conversion - Retail and BFS

  • California FIRM Program Interface

    Batch Interface to Extract FIRM program data

  • Protect Debit Card Number Enhancement

    Enhanced Signature to protect debit card numbers in Internet Banking

  • IBS Middleware Interface

    XML middleware platform for internet banking and mobile banking to core back-end

  • Bank Merger

    Merged two Signature bank databases

  • Internet Banking Interfaces

    Created batch interfaces between Signature and Intuit for Retail and BFS

  • Bonaire Currency Conversion

    Created a conversion process to convert base currency accounts to US Dollar accounts

  • Fixed Rate Savings Product

    Enhanced core system to allow for fixed rate savings accounts.

  • Combined Statement Automation

    Automates the creation of combined statements in CBS based on criteria

  • Shazam Batch Interface

    Batch Interface from CBS

  • Multi-bank Security Synchronization

    Synchronizes security functions/groups across banks in CBS

  • Mortgage Appraisers Website

    Provides a maintenance and inquiry capability into the bank's appraisers and automatically emails Appraisers whose license or insurance expired.

  • Bank Acquisition/Merger into CBS

    Bank acquired another bank and merged into an existing bank database in CBS

  • Excel to CBS General Ledger batch Import

    Imports General Ledger directly into CBS batches via File Manager

  • Automatic enrollment into Internet Banking and Voice Response

    Auto enrollment of new CBS customers into Internet Banking and Voice enhancement

  • XML based Mobile Banking to ICBS Interface

    Real-time XML based interface to ICBS

  • ICBS to IBS Conversion

    Converting a bank to IBS from ICBS

  • Branch deconversion

    Deconvert some branches sold by the bank from CBS

  • Switch Interface

    ISO8583 Switch Interface to ICBS

  • CBS Security Synchronization

    Synchronizes CBS Security across multiple bank databases.

  • Automate Combined Statements -

    Automatically adds and deletes accounts to Combined Statement relationships.

  • Product Type, Service Charge Plan & Interest Plan Delete -

    Allows banks to delete unused product types, service charge plans and interest plans from CBS.

  • TENA Second Look - CBS Loan Interface

    Extracts CBS Loan information for the TENA Second Look Loan System.

  • County Escrow Interface

    Updates CBS with county records and processes outgoing payment file back to the county.

  • Elan PBF

    Extract positive balance file from CBS for Elan.

  • Morvision Loan System Interface

    Built a real-time Windows based Interface between the Morvision Loan origination system and the CBS host system.

  • ICBS ATM Interface

    Created an ATM interface for a customer to the ICBS banking system.

  • CBS Bank Conversion/Merger

    Converted and merged Perpetual Savings Bank into Sky Bank.

  • CBS Bank Conversion/Merger

    Converted and merged Bank of the Southwest into Arizona Bank and Trust.

  • Reg DD Fee Enhancement

    Part of a team which enhanced CBS to separate fees by reason code for Reg DD requirement and handle fee refunds centrally. This was rolled into CBS release 5.3.

  • e-Surety Windows based bond management system enhancement and upgrade to release 4.5

  • Cash Management Enhancement

    Enhanced CBS for Master relationships.

  • CBS bank merger

    Merged two CBS bank databases.

  • Upgrade to CBS bank merge utility

    Enhanced and upgraded a CBS bank merger utility to the CBS 4.2 release.

  • Wire transfer interface

    Real-time interface using TCP/IP communications. The applicatoin communicates between CBS on the AS/400 (I-Series) and the Fundtech wire transfer system.

  • Internet banking interface - S1 to CBS

    Batch interface using FTP as the mode of transfer. It used a scheduling program to schedule periodic transfers to and from CBS.

  • Branding - CBS

    Enhancement to CBS to allow for branding of notices. The enhancement called for sorting and creating of separate spooled files by branch and/or region.

  • State tax withholding (IRA's)

    Enhancement to CBS to allow for withholding of state tax on Retirement Accounts. This enhancement allows for a percentage and additional specific amount to be withheld from IRA accounts. Statements and 1099 reporting enhanced to reflect the state taxes.