Recent Projects

Examples of projects we have built, click for more information.

Dormancy Process at Customer Level

Signature enhancement to determine dormancy for a customer rather than individual accounts

Signature G/L Only Bank Creation

Signature environment created for G/L Only bank processing

Pay Limit Opt-in Automation

Signature enhancement

Bank/Branch Acquisition

Convert acquired bank data and merge into Signature

Footprints to Signature real-time interface

FootPrints interface to Signature to perform real-time VIP Code changes, Stop Payments & Account Transfers

NSF caused by POS holds enhancement

Signature enhancement

Mobile Alerts

Real-time End of Day and EFT status change alerts to mobile phone for Signature

Debit Card Encryption

Core to Postilion enhancement

Database Orphans Removal

Signature enhancement

Bank Merger

Signature database merge

Customer Rewards Programs

Signature enhancement

Database Comparison Utility

Create utility to compare iSeries- and SQL databases automatically

Minimum Related Balances Enhancement

Signature enhancement

eServices Automated Billing

Calculate eServices charges and bill into Signature

Mobile Deposit Real-time Interface

Real-time memo post interface to Signature

Selective Common File Maintenance Reports

Signature enhancement to enable selected fields for Common File maintenance reports

Postilion to Core Automated Reconciliation

Automated Reconciliation between IBS and Postilion

Signature International In-House Enhancements Analysis and Documentation

Internally developed enhancements and documentation for international bank

Postilion Stand-in Interface

Interface between IBS and Postilion

BTRANS Credit Card Interface

Realtime Windows interface between IBS and BTRANS

XML Web Service

Added XML messages required by bank for Internet Banking

Internet Banking Conversion

S1 to Intuit data conversion - Retail and BFS

California FIRM Program Interface

Batch Interface to Extract FIRM program data

Protect Debit Card Number Enhancement

Enhanced Signature to protect debit card numbers in Internet Banking

IBS Middleware Interface

XML middleware platform for internet banking and mobile banking to core back-end

Bank Merger

Merged two Signature bank databases

Internet Banking Interfaces

Created batch interfaces between Signature and Intuit for Retail and BFS

Bonaire Currency Conversion

Created a conversion process to convert base currency accounts to US Dollar accounts

Fixed Rate Savings Product

Enhanced core system to allow for fixed rate savings accounts.

Combined Statement Automation

Automates the creation of combined statements in Signature based on criteria

Shazam Batch Interface

Batch Interface from Signature

Multi-bank Security Synchronization

Synchronizes security functions/groups across banks in Signature

Excel to Signature General Ledger batch Import

Imports General Ledger directly into Signature batches via File Manager

Automatic enrollment into Internet Banking and Voice Response

Auto enrollment of new Signature customers into Internet Banking and Voice enhancement

XML based Mobile Banking to Signature International Interface

Real-time XML based interface to Signature International

Signature International to IBS Conversion

Converting a bank to IBS from Signature International

Branch deconversion

Deconvert some branches sold by the bank from Signature

Switch Interface

ISO8583 Switch Interface to Signature International

Signature Security Synchronization

Synchronizes Signature Security across multiple bank databases.

Automate Combined Statement Enrollments

Automatically adds and deletes accounts to Combined Statement relationships.

Product Type, Service Charge Plan, Interest Plan Delete

Allows banks to delete unused product types, service charge plans and interest plans from Signature.

TENA Second Look - Signature Loan Interface

Extracts Signature Loan information for the TENA Second Look Loan System.

County Escrow Interface

Updates Signature with county records and processes outgoing payment file back to the county.

Elan PBF

Extract positive balance file from Signature for Elan.

Morvision Loan System Interface

Built a real-time Windows based Interface between the Morvision Loan origination system and the Signature host system.

Signature International ATM Interface

Created an ATM interface for a customer to the Signature International banking system.

Signature Bank Conversion/Merger

Converted and merged bank into existing Signature database/p>

Reg DD Fee Enhancement

Part of a team which enhanced Signature to separate fees by reason code for Reg DD requirement and handle fee refunds centrally. This was rolled into Signature release 5.3.

Cash Management Enhancement

Enhanced Signature for Master relationships.

Signature bank merger

Merged two Signature bank databases.

Wire transfer interface

Real-time interface using TCP/IP communications. The application communicates between Signature on the AS/400 (I-Series) and the Fundtech wire transfer system.

Internet banking interface - S1 to Signature

Batch interface using FTP as the mode of transfer. It uses a scheduling program to schedule periodic transfers to and from Signature.

Branding - Signature

Enhancement to Signature to allow for branding of notices. The enhancement called for sorting and creating of separate spooled files by branch and/or region.

State Tax Withholding (IRA's)

Enhancement to Signature to allow for withholding of state tax on Retirement Accounts. This enhancement allows for a percentage and additional specific amount to be withheld from IRA accounts. Statements and 1099 reporting enhanced to reflect the state taxes.